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Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives

From the Beginning, The David Weekley Homes Story

David Weekley Homes was established in 1976 in Houston, Texas. Their growth has lead them to become the largest privately-held new home builder in the United States. Our passion is about our Clients, building exceptional homes, our fellow Team Members, and our communities’ communities.

The paramount goal of DWH isn’t building new homes. Building Dreams and Enhancing Lives is Our Purpose. We strive to impact all of the lives we encounter positively, and in all the communities we build in. A Commitment to focusing on what’s essential distinguishes us as a company, an employer, and a neighbor.

Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives

The most important aspect of David Weekley Homes isn’t home building, it’s Our Purpose of Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives. As a company, we want to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone we touch and in all the communities we build. Our commitment to focusing on what’s really important sets us apart as a company, as an employer and as a neighbor.

DWH Brand Promise

Building a home is simply more than giving a family a place to live. It’s an enjoyable home building venture and creating an inspiring space where dreams come true. Some reasons people choose DWH as their home builder…

Home Design

Great home design isn’t just a formula. It’s not even about the current trend or fad. It’s about the ways you dwell in your home, the feeling your new home gives you, and the state-of-the-art building techniques that ensure you will continue to be pleased long after your move-in day. Since 1976, DWH is leading the Building industry in amazing design by incorporating:

    • Contemporary home architectural exteriors
    • Conscientious room placement and efficient traffic patterns
    • EnergySaver™ utilizing the latest in energy-efficient home building techniques

Home Choice

Imagine trying to build your dream home, given only a handful of options? We sure can’t. Fortunately, when you choose DWH, you can design your dream home that fits all your desires and requirements while enjoying:

    • A generous choice of floor plans and homesite options
    • Customizable floor plans which include FlexSpace℠ choices
    • An assortment of Custom Choices™ to personalize your new home

Our Service

Service might not be your first priority when comparing home builders; however service will significantly impact your home-owning experience more than any other factor. At DWH, we believe that service shouldn’t cease once a sales contract is executed. DWH strives to exceed our Homeowner expectations every step of the way, which is why provide you:

    • Your own DWH Team of professionals, which include your own Personal BuilderSM and Design Consultant
    • Numerous helpful tools and resources like the Homeowner Portfolio and MyDWHome.com, your home’s very own personal website
    • A home building industry-leading, multi-level warranty and dedicated Warranty Service Representative

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