SOS is where desire meets restraint and less satisfies more.

Order produces purpose. Order establishes focus. Order prepares one. Order puts one in a state of readiness. One does not wonder, the where is, the what for, and the whatnot. Purpose and preparedness removes the worry of wondering from one’s state of mind. Knowing where things are provides peace. Anxiety births when one cannot find their cell phone charger, keys to the truck, that bill, a clean uniform, an unused diaper, their favorite boots. Fill in the treasured item, space schedule, or self that is out of order. Surmise the stress that disorder causes? Disorder distracts focus. Anxiety begets stress, and stress begets tension. How many moments during the day, week, month, year does lack of order beget mental anguish? The negative consequences of chaos wreak havoc. Physical health, emotional health, household health, relational health, professional health, holiday health gets sabotaged by disorder.

Order creates time. When one is flowing in order, time appears. Time to pursue soul builders like a skill, sport, hobby, nurturing children, a beloved relationship, training a pet, more sleep, some exercise, reading a good book, shabbat-ing, a holiday weekend. Time slips. Order brings more time and more focused time. The kind of time when one is present. Order creates focus. Disorder creates distraction. As to why people do not get organized? They say they do not have the time. Upfront, it takes time. Anything worth anything takes time. Order works for time, not against time. More time is a benefit.