SOS is where desire meets restraint and less satisfies more.

One’s physical body is made up of hidden systems, hidden from the naked eye. As a human, one has a viewable tent made up of skin, structured bones, muscles, joints, decorated with hair, nails, eyes and skin tones in a rainbow of colors and texture variations. One’s tent identifies the person. That is who, one beholds as “me“ in the mirror. This is whom, others see as “thee“, when beholding one. One’s tent resembles an Old Fashioned, a bit of bitters, muddled with a cube of sweetness, sprinkled with a twist of sour, bourbon-ed with notes. Depending upon how, one has managed their lifestyle, genetics, and circumstances, in other words, their muddle of years, imbibes daily on how one’s concoction tastes.

SOS brings order to one, and what one has control over. Streamline, Organize, & Stylize seeks to bring order to one’s physical body, so that one’s tent of flesh, works for one, not against one. Thus, one’s body flows in symmetry, with one’s daily tasks, passions, and purposes. Order to one’s body, is not as obscure as it may seem. The body tent is a masterpiece cloaked in a mystery of mysteries. Humanity has endured with simple biological, physiological and chemical laws. Laws meaning one cannot circumvent these universal truths. The body needs h2o, grub, sun, air, rest, movement, and evacuation. Let one not complicate the simple with modernity. The human tent has required these elements, from the beginning. Whether living in caves, Bedouin tents, grass huts, log cabins, medieval castles, New York lofts, suburban track-homes, teepees, trendy tree-houses, or a yurt, the human tent needs remain the same. These vitals needs for the body are what make one human. Vitals are what make humans relatable to one another. One can be eighty, or eight years old. One can be 6’4 or 4’6. Everyone hungers and thirsts. Everyone stuffs and fluffs. Everyone blubbers and bawls. Everyone whimpers and wines. Everyone giggles and guffaws. Everyone chuckles and chortles. One can be the beauty or the beast. One can be lux with plush, or blush with not much. One can peel cocoa mocha, lemon cello, or pink pastry. One’s lens may focus onyx, sapphire, amber, topaz, jade, or emerald. One’s mug may mirror sharp angels, or soft circles. Humanness remains in parallel harmony to the same tent requirements, from sunrise to sunset. Everyone needs sleep. Everyone needs bread. Everyone needs the ceramic pot. Everyone needs to move. One cannot escape these human vitals for long.

The tent’s needs are not complex. Complex comes to the tent, when one ignores its vitals. Vitals are interconnected, when one lacks the others are affected. Tent’s demands are non-exclusive, non-escapable, nor secret. Human vitals are not a respecter of persons. The tent’s needs are universal, to those born of women. They were straightforward requirements to ancient man. In convoluted condescension, the enlightened culture has convinced one to believe the care of the tent is complicated. Ancient man had a bit more wisdom in seeing the vital as vital. They knew that the vitals were an unmitigated priority. Without doctors, pharmacists, college professors, diplomas, health books, social media trends, and web conspiracies, the vitals were preserved.