Streamline Organize Stylize is where desire meets restraint and less satisfies more.


The first “S” in SOS symbolizes Streamlining. Streamlining is ridding one’s life of things one does not use. Even if something is useful, but it is not used, then the ”useful” is lost. Streamlining is ridding one’s life of things one does not need. Streamlining is ridding one’s life of things, one no longer recalls where they reside. Streamlining is breaking with the past and living for the present. Streamlining lightens the load. If one is not up for Organizing or Stylizing, still embrace Streamlining. Streamlining serves one well. It is the Dawn Wall to El Captain. It is the steep ascent of pure will. An action of choice that becomes easier and easier the more one climbs.

Organizing is the “O“ in SOS. Organization creates order. The “O“ echoes the full circle in bringing order to one’s space, stuff, schedule, and oneself. It is the middle task in SOS, the one that takes decisive focus to determine where everything goes. When order flows, it lessens the need for constant decision-making. Once one invests the time in deciding where stuff belongs, categorizing things, designing a practical schedule, creating a system of structure, one does not have to revisit those decisions again. The decision has been made. Space, an object, time and self-management has a specific designation.



Stylizing is the party, the dessert. Stylizing represents the last “S “in SOS. This is many times a forgotten step in life. After the spinach of Streamlining, and the onions of Organizing, Stylizing is decorating one’s space, stuff, self, schedule, business, anything in one’s life that has been Streamlined and Organized. Stylizing is the pink frosting on the strawberry cupcake, it is the chocolate ganache on the molten fudge lava torte, or the sparkly silver bulbs on the Christmas tree. Stylizing motivates one to maintain organizational order.

Streamline Organize Stylize

Streamline Organize Stylize Book & Kindle Version

SOS is where desire meets
restraint and less satisfies more.

Streamline  Organize  Stylize

Streamline, Organize, and Stylize is the writer’s method on how to create order in one’s life. Like the call for help, the acronym for Streamline, Organize, and Stylize, SOS, represents a remedy to the disorder, clutter, and chaos bombarding one’s existence on earth. The SOS method provides common-sense solutions to the madness that marches into one’s life, whether invited or not. SOS creates a filtered mindset of intention to possessions, space, time, and self. SOS brings clarity and purpose to possessions, space, time, and self. Streamline, Organize, and Stylize discusses, in-depth, different areas one can apply this method…

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