Streamline Organize Stylize is where desire meets restraint and less satisfies more.

Streamline Organize Stylize Scribe

My perpetual passion to Streamline, Organize, and Stylize areas in my life, blossomed into the SOS Book. Modernity tends to pollinate, promote, and numb the masses into a mindset, that the chaos of consumption, in all of its forms, is normal. For decades, no matter how small or large, I have lived the SOS method. I seek to Streamline the incoming glut, Organize the aftermath, and Stylize, the new order, into a salutation of celebration. What years of experience, in the arts, business, and education, has shown me, is that no matter whether it’s possessions, space, time, or self, people struggle with the, too much.

Whether working in the personal, private, or public domains, much of life is spent in the pursuit to gain and maintain order. I have observed that peoples’ perception of organization varies. The order of organization is subjective. Still yet, most seem to crave a measure of order in their sphere or spheres. My purpose, in writing, Streamline, Organize, Stylize, is to layout a practical method for the readers to be stirred, to create order in one’s life. Penning my first book was fun, fascinating, and most fabulous.  May the SOS method inspire readers to shift one or more areas in their lives, from mess to makes sense, from chaos to calm, from trapped in traffic to coasting down a country road.

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