SOS is where desire meets restraint and less satisfies more.

One exits the womb naked; one departs life naked, and in between, one has a lot of thoughts. Some quaint, some witty, some splendid, some brilliant, but way, too many thoughts are hi-emo, lo-emo, nonsensical, indefensible, bitter, cruel, cantankerous, worrisome, and wrathful. This is why the reader is encouraged to have a sharp mental strainer to Streamline out the IUD’s in their Fallujah of thoughts. One cannot run from them. One cannot hide from them. One confronts them.

Self-emotions may be the most powerful influence on how one thinks about themselves. This is the self-perception paradigm how one defines oneself. One may misinterpret their self-worth by how other people have misunderstood them in some way or another. It is not uncommon that when the chips are down, others chip away at the downed. When chipped down by others, this also influences one’s self-perception. Do not let others define one. Others may define one for a moment, but one’s perception, towards oneself, defines one over a lifetime.

As one begins to Streamline out mind grenades by applying their mental strainer, one replaces their grenades with a re-Organization of congruent and positive thoughts about oneself. Unlike other spaces one may SOS, one’s mind space is in a category of its own. It is not a job that will go away, either. Be kind to oneself with this process. It is advisable to focus on one area in one’s thought life at a time. Shifting mindsets and attitudes about oneself is a deliberate turtle dart, won inch by inch as a shift is gained. Be assured, there is a tropical beach of sunny mindsets and coasting attitudes waiting for the diligent turtle.